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I & I Interior Design Limited is a Hong Kong-based interior design firm specialized in providing solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including commercial offices, retail chains, restaurants, educational institutions and residences.


Founded in 1998 by a group of innovative interior designers and architecture professionals, I & I Interior Design Limited characterizes itself as a diverse and sophisticated firm in the interior design industry through the expertise of the team and years of experience in the business.

  • Space analysis

  • Site evaluation

  • Space planning

  • Design & contracting

  • Budget estimation

  • Project management

  • Prepare project schedule

  • General construction


Project Goals The relocation of an office or business can be disruptive and have negative impact on productivity, I & I attempts to ensure that the disruption, costs and inconveniences are minimized.

Our overall object is to develop ling-term relationships which prove beneficial to the client and I & I over time.

The firm's scope of work not only focuses on design and contracting, but also on the overall project management from space planning, site evaluation and general construction to effective financial budgeting and efficiency on preparation of project schedules.


We, at I & I Interior Design, believe that success can never be achieved alone. But it is vitally accomplished through a robust collaboration between the clients and our team.

  • Purchasing

  • Tailor made furniture

  • Coordination works with building management

  • Arrange site meetings with telephone and cabling specialists

  • Relocation consulting service

The goal in every project is four-fold:

  • To discover the best possible design solutions which maximize the use of space and enhance work flow

  • To complete the prihect on schedule and within budget

  • To ensure a high quality of construction; and

  • To provide the highest possible level of customer service.

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